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// Watch-Water Germany have created a FILTERSORB with tremendous Scale Prevention abilities // Now Solving both Cationic + Anionic Scale Problems as a Chemical Free Alternative

17 JAN 2016, Mannheim: "Solving All the Scale Problems"

and now
New FILTERSORB CT could greatly reduce all your scale problems.

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The new FILTERSORB CT is a combination treatment (CT) of cations as well as anions scale problems on heat exchange surfaces made of metals and other materials. Scale and corrosion obstructions are generated on all applications like boiler water system, hot water system, evaporators, reactors, cooling water system, reverse osmosis, membrane surfaces, oil wells as well as desalination evaporators.

The types of scales which can be treated are calcium carbonate (Temporary Hardness) and scales based on sulfate, sulfite, phosphate, silicate, hydroxide (Permanent Hardness) including barium and strontium scale. Scale formation can occur because of all inorganic ions in all liquids, when these salts (cations and anions) precipitate forming scale and corrosion on outside and inside surfaces of all water related systems. The new FILTERSORB CT prevents scale problems at rates up to 100 times more efficient than traditional Anti-scale treatment technologies.

Most water treatment technologies use ion exchange resins. These resins have properties to exchange problems like adsorbing Calcium and Magnesium ions and exchange them for very harmful sodium ions in drinking water.

What Watch Water® did, is to make the first high-surface-media FILTERSORB SPA which can seperate anions from Calcium sulfate, Magnesium sulfate, Calcium phosphate, Calcium silicate, Magnesium silicate and Barium sulfate and combining this media with FILTERSORB SP3 for combined treatment (CT) of cations as well as anions in hard water.

When you combine the both having the best features of these two media you get FILTERSORB-CT that is even better than any ion-exchange resin. These media will solve all scale problems based on cations as well as anions temporary hardness together with permanent hardness. FILTERSORB-CT will solve scale and corrosion problems in seconds, as the water flows by, so there is a huge potential for really-No-Energy-No-Regeneration, No-backwash, flow-through-fluidization-scale prevention media, "which is a big deal".

Another big advantage of FILTERSORB CT is its life that is minimum 5 to 7 years.

Media is available from 1st of March 2016. Please send us your inquiry for more information.

NOTE: Water Softeners are outlawed in many states of the USA, but many countries around the world continue to use Ion Exchange Resins.

"Every day we could be drinking Sodium in water which, overtime, can cause hypertension in the body and cause severe problems."

FILTERSORB CT provides a very simple and cost effective way to make sure that there are no harmful levels of sodium in bathing water or drinking water.

Green Products

All of our Water Treatment Media are Green Products, creating no or minimal possible waste water. They are all diposable without further processing. Most of our chemicals are readily biodegradable.

Advanced Filtration

Our high performance granular media are to target applications from Drinking water to waste-water with advanced catalytic co-precipitation, micro-filtration (≤0.3 μm), hybrid adsorption processes for removal of a vast list of organic and inorganic.

Adsorbent Media

We manufacture high loading capacity iron hydroixde and titanium dioxide based adsrobents. Media like Catalytic Carbon, FERROLOX & TITANSORB have featured success in removal of As, F, Cu, Cr, U, Ra etc. and other toxic radionuclide and Heavy metals.

NAC Technology

The breakthrough NAC (Nucleation Assisted Crystallization) Technology for carbonate Scale Prevention with FILTERSORB SP3. It provides the healthiest mineral enriched water, unlike Ion-Exchange systems which adds undesired sodium.

Instant Dosing Chemicals

Our unique INSTANT (solid powder) Dosing Chemical formulations for all major applications are set to minimize the transportation, handling and storage costs and to eliminate unnecessary water in the Water-Treatment Chemicals.


We offer high efficiency industry-grade disinfection, oxidizing & cleaning agents (no KMnO4 or chlorine based dirty products). Our product range includes super biocides to treat Algae, Slime, Bacteria and Virus problems in industrial and commercial applications.
Katalox Light: Advanced Catalytic Filtration of TSS, Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Heavy Metals and Radionulide(see detail)
Catalytic Carbon: Feroxyhyte coated Granular Activated Carbon. Chemically "Regenarable"(see detail)
FILTERSORB SP3 : Advanced bicarbonate Scale Prevention with Directed Nucleation Assisted Crystalization


Crystolite™: Microfiltration filter media(see detail)
TITANSORB™:Titanium dioxide based high capacity adsorbent media(see detail)


FERROLOX™:Iron hydroxide based high capacity adsorbent media(see detail)
INSTANT I-SOFT®:Intelligent dosing chemicals in solid powder form for (see detail)
OXYDES™: Watch-Water® brand for Oxidizers and Disinfection materials (see detail)
Ferrate(VI) and Hydroxyl radical based treatment process. Oxidation, Adsorption and Filtration in one-go!(see detail)